Scotland - 2022

The Peace Tour choir embarked on an enchanting journey, commencing in Glasgow and winding its way up the picturesque west coast of Scotland to Oban. Throughout our travels, we savored delectable local cuisines, forged connections with the welcoming locals, and enjoyed the unexpected delights of a side trip to the quaint Isle of Mull.

In the midst of our exploration, we found ourselves atop a hill, overlooking the vast ocean, where we spontaneously treated the locals to an impromptu performance at a charming church. Our encounters included a mythical rendezvous with Nessie, the legendary Loch Ness Monster, and a delightful exploration of the town, adorned with an array of lovely local crafts, blankets, sweaters, and stained glass.

The melody of our journey continued in Inverness, where we harmonized with a local Gaelic Choir during a concert, raising over $750 for a hospice organization. Our final destination, the enchanting city of Edinburgh, captivated us with its magical and iconic ambiance. St. Giles Cathedral, where we performed, held a poignant significance, having hosted the funeral of Queen Elizabeth just a few weeks prior.

Amidst the historical backdrop, our adventure unfolded with visits to numerous castles, culminating in a regal stay at a castle-turned-hotel, originally constructed by Queen Mary of Scots. As we concluded this musical odyssey, the echoes of our performances resonated with the rich tapestry of Scotland's history and hospitality.

Scotland 2022